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The Ancient Vessel of the Rother, The Mirror, Saturday, January 18, 1823.

The Ancient Vessel of the Rother, The Mirror, Saturday, January 18, 1823.

'Our Engraving this week gives a correct representation of an object of singular interest and curiosity, now exhibiting in London—the ancient vessel which has been recently found buried in an old branch of the river Rother, in Kent. This river, formerly called Lamene or Lemen, takes its rise in the parish of Rotherfield, Sussex, and enters Kent in the parish of Sandhurst; passes round the North side of the Isle of Oxney, and flowing into Rye Harbour, passes thence into the sea. This river was diverted from its ancient stream so far back as the reign of King Edward the First—a circumstance Which is thus recorded by Camden, in his Britannia. Speaking of the town of Romney, he says, 'The sea, driven by violent winds, overwhelmed this track, and made great havoc of men, cattle, and buildings; and having destroyed the little populous village of Promhill, changed the channel of the Rother, which here emptied itself into the sea, and filled up its mouth, making it a new and shorter course by Rhie, so that it gradually deserted this town, which from that time declined and lost much of its populousness and dignity...' Full Story

Other Featured Stories

The Mermaid, The Mirror, Saturday November 9, 1822.'This eighth 'wonder of the world;' this “frightful monster which the world ne'er saw,' until the present year, is now the great source of attraction in the British metropolis; and three to four hundred people every day pay their shilling each to see a disgusting sort of a compound animal, which contains in itself every thing that is odious and disagreeable. But the curiosity to see a real Mermaid, after all the fictions that have been related respecting it, is natural enough—the only point is, whether it is a real one or not; and even on this professional men disagree...' Full Story

Battle With a Shark, The Mirror, Saturday, March 8, 1823. 'Captain John Beams, commander of the York merchant ship, had arrived at Barbadoes from England. Having disembarked the last part of his lading, the sailors who had been employed in the dirty work, ventured into the sea to wash themselves. They had not been there long, before a person on board espied a large shark making towards them, upon which they swam back, and all reached the boat but one. Him the monster overtook, almost within reach of the oars, and grasping him by the small of the back, his devouring jaws soon cut him asunder...' Full Story

The Crucifixion of Matthew Lovat, The Mirror, Saturday, December 7, 1822.'In June, 1799, John Cummings, an American sailor, aged about 23, being with his ship on the coast of France, and having gone on shore with some of his shipmates, about two miles from Havre-de-Grace, he and his party directed their course towards a tent which they saw in a field, with a crowd of people round it. They found within the tent a man, who was entertaining the audience by pretending to swallow clasp-knives. They returned on board and spoke of what they had seen; when Cummings, who had been drinking freely, boasted that he could swallow knives as well as the Frenchman...' Full Story

Fairy Castles, The Mirror, Saturday, May 10, 1823.'The various phenomena exhibited by nature present nothing more curious and extraordinary than those which are caused by the reflection and refraction of light from fogs and vapours arising from the sea, lakes, and morasses, replete with marine and vegetable salts. These vapours, by means of the said salts, form various polished surfaces, which reflect and refract the light of the sun, and even the moon, in various directions, by which they not only distort, but multiply the images of objects represented to them in a most surprising manner...' Full Story

Vessel Dashed to Pieces by a Whale, The Mirror, Saturday, May 17, 1823.'On the 19th of Nov. 1821, the Essex, a Russian vessel, of 250 tons which was employed in the whale fishery was in lat. 47 deg. S. and long. 118 deg. W. from Greenwich, and consequently about 500 geographical miles to the west of the Patagonian coast, when it was surrounded by whales; and one of them of the largest size gave it so violent a blow with his tail, that the keel of the vessel was partly laid bare...' Full Story

The Pyramids of Egypt, The Mirror, Saturday, November 16, 1822..'The various travellers who have visited these wonderful remains of antiquity assert, that in magnitude they far surpass any thing the imagination can conceive; nor is the surprise of the beholder on viewing the stupendous whole any way diminished by the appearance of the component parts, which are on a corresponding scale, and occasion wonder that human efforts could have elevated the pondrous masses of solid stone of which they are composed to so great a height...' Full Story

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