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This Firm Will Sell You a Ghost - Guaranteed to "Appear Gradually and Float About" By Harry Price.

Evening Standard, Thursday, October 12, 1939.

ONE of the most remarkable manufacturing concerns in the world is conducted from Chicago. Among their products are the stock in trade of bogus spiritualist media.

The firm claim to, have been in business for 30 years and to have supplied apparatus to 'nearly all the prominent media of the world.' They publish a 40-page catalogue which is circulated privately among media who undertake to return their copy as soon as they have given their order.

The contents of this astonishing catalogue are disclosed by Mr. Harry Price in 'Fifty Years of Psychical Research' (Longmans, Green and Co., 10s. 6d.).

Here are a few of the dozens of 'absolutely faultless mechanical appliances' which are offered for sale: Luminous materialists ghosts and forms, - All kinds and sizes. Full luminous female form and dress (with face that convinces), which Harry Price can be produced in ordinary room or circle, appears gradually, floats about and disappears.


Spirit Rapping Table.—Bears minute examination and is portable. Emits raps as desired. Can be used at any time; no previous preparation necessary. Infallible in every respect.

Self-playing Guitars.—Indispensable for media. Nicely finished. Telescopic Reaching Rod.—A very useful article for mediums working in the dark. Goes in pocket and extends from 4 to 6 feet. Will pick up or bring to you any ordinary object, float a guitar, etc.
Media who order their outfit from the firm are promised that the deal will be kept as secret as a communication from patient to physician.

Mr. Price has spent a lifetime “separating the very few grains of genuine psychic phenomena produced by good mediums from the vast mountain of fraudulent chaff supplied by the miracle-mongers.'


'A few successful trance media and clairvoyants earn large incomes,' he writes, 'and at least one woman keeps two secretaries to look after her business...” The big money is made by the mental media, but they are usually exposed by someone after a more or less successful run. ”A really good physical medium, able to withstand scientific investigation in a laboratory could make a fortune. 'There are big vested interests involved in the drama of proving there is life after death, and the business of 'selling spiritualism' has been reduced to a fine art.'

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